Electric Coconut Shredder

 Electric Coconut Shredder Buy Now on Amazon.com

Electric Coconut Shredder , selling for  brand new. There are 1 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • Electric coconut shredder is made for residential use. The coconut shredder is made of 120 volts Grinding machine with one end for coconut shredding and other end for knife or metal sharpening that is why we called as 2 in 1.
  • star pointed blade allows you to easily shred coconut .And this is high speed coconut shredding machine, but it is easy and fast to use it ones you start to shredding.
  • You can save time for shredding the coconut. this product is imported and assembled in USA.
  • shred “1 COCONUT IN 1 MINUTE”. It is Easy, Safer, Faster.

“1 COCONUT IN 1 MINUTE”. This machine is for residential use, to shred the coconut faster. please use gripped gloves to hold the coconut for the safty reason.( We provide 1 pair of grip gloves and 1 brush to clean the blade.


■Keep your work area clean and well lit.
■Do not operate in the presence of flammable materials.
■Keep children away while operating.
■Do not operate in wet places (rain).
■ Keep the coconut shredder above the table before you going to coconut shredding.
■Dress properly, wear proper size grip gloves, That we providing along with the machine.
■Avoid accidental starting. Be sure the power switch is off before plug in.
■Stay alert. Watch what you are doing and avoid distractions while operating.
■While shedding, hold coconut with firm hands.
■ Do not clean the blade with bare hand, use the proper cleaning brush which we provide along with the machine.
■ Store in a dry and clean location.
And this is high speed coconut shredding machine, but it is easy and fast to use it ones you start to shredding.

Electric Coconut Shredder

Buy Now on Amazon.com

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