PRO-CUT KG-12-FS Food Service Meat Grinder, 12 Different Plates, 3/4 HP, 110V, 60 Hz

 PRO-CUT KG-12-FS Food Service Meat Grinder, 12 Different Plates, 3/4 HP, 110V, 60 Hz Buy Now on

PRO-CUT KG-12-FS Food Service Meat Grinder, 12 Different Plates, 3/4 HP, 110V, 60 Hz was listed on Amazon for $749.00, selling for $669.55 USD brand new. Manufactured by Prokraft Inc. There are 2 units left brand new.

Some great features of this product include:

  • The KG-12-FS is a mini food processor that grinds meat and can prepare salsas, purees, beans, jellies and marmalades just by changing the grinding plate. (12 plates available sold separately).
  • This grinder has a stainless steel cabinet for easy cleaning that also ensures long lasting durability.
  • Its extra-large tray provides ample space to place all your ingredients, making your process more efficient by reducing product transfer.
  • This #12 grinder has a robust 3/4 HP motor and a gear driven always-lubricated transmission able of producing up to 436 lbs per hour of meat on the first grind with the included 3/16 plate.
  • The KG-12-FS complies with NSF and UL international standards.

PRACTICAL SIZE/SHAPE The Pro-Cut KG-12-FS #12 grinder is perfect for restaurants, hunters and butchers that need a compact powerful solution to its grinding needs. Its small footprint is only 22.75 x 8.75″ so you can place it anywhere, even on very tight spaces. The KG-12-FS meat grinder offers unbeatable ease of cleaning and sanitation thanks to its 100% polished food grade stainless steel cabinet. All parts in contact with food are easily accessible and readily removable for convenient cleaning without the use of tools. The body and headstock have been designed with no sharp corners or seams for added safety. This grinder includes an extra-large high grade stainless steel tray (2.5″x13″x21″) that’s easy to clean, will endure years of tough use and will save you time besides preventing waste due to reduced product transfer. MINI-PROCESSOR Besides being a very reliable meat grinder, the Pro-Cut KG-12-FS can be transformed into a food processor by choosing different grinding plates that can help you create dips, beans, marmalades, jellies, salsas, guacamole and purees. There are 12 different grinding plates that can be purchased separately. Also it can be used as a sausage maker if used along with sausage tubes and casings (sold separately). Its large mouth allows for an easy feed while still preventing any accidents. The provided stomper must be used at all times for safety. ROBUST CONSTRUCTION This grinder design is attractive and suitable for any open kitchen or supermarket. Its powerful oil bathed steel gear transmission with no belts or pulley to maintain guarantees a long lasting life with minimum noise and low maintenance cost. Its 3/4 HP motor provides fast, reliable and uniform results every time. It can process up to 7.28 lb/minute (436 lbs/hr) on the first ground through an included 3/16″ plate. Anything you feed into the equipment will come out clean and retain all its natural color and flavor. So now you will never have to worry about product mashing. TECHNICAL INFORMATION This meat grinder comes in 110V and 60Hz frequency so you can plug it into any regular household outlet right out of the box. It also includes a 3/16″ plate, a stomper and a grinding knife. The KG-12-FS has been certified by ETL to comply with NSF-8, UL std 763 and CAN/CSA std C22.2 It has a One Year warranty for parts and labor.

PRO-CUT KG-12-FS Food Service Meat Grinder, 12 Different Plates, 3/4 HP, 110V, 60 Hz

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